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Arlene Stafford-Wilson grew up on a small farm in Bathurst Township, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada. She attended one-room school-houses at Christie Lake and the Scotch Line and at an early age began writing stories and poetry. By age eight many of her poems had been published in children’s magazines and at age eleven she entered and won a national writing competition for ‘The Enthusiast’ magazine.

Former Newsletter Editor and Honorary Life Member of the Lanark County Genealogical Society, and Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, she continues to research and write about local history and has authored articles for both Canadian and Irish Genealogical publications. She has written 10 books, listed below. Mother of one son, Alexander, she and her husband Kevin live in Ottawa, Canada.



Her Books:

“Recipes & Recollections: Treats and Tales from our Mother’s Kitchen”
ISBN 978-0-9877026-0-9

“Lanark County Kid: My Travels up and down the Third Line”
ISBN 978-0-9877026-1-6

“Lanark County Chronicle: Double Back to the Third Line”
ISBN 978-0-9877026-2-3

“Lanark County Calendar: Four Seasons on the Third Line”
ISBN 978-0-9877026-3-0

“Lanark County Connections: Memories Among the Maples”

ISBN 978-0-9877026-47

“Lanark County Classics: A Treasury of Tales from Another Time”

ISBN 978-0-9877026-54

“Lanark County Calling: All Roads Lead Home:

ISBN: 978-0-9877026-61

“Lanark County Collection: Winding Our Way Down Memory Lane”

ISBN: 978-0-9877026-78

“Lanark County Comfort: Homespun Tales to Warm Your Heart”

ISBN: 978-0-987702685

New Release

“Lanark County Christmas: Memories of a Yuletide Past”

ISBN: 978-0-987702692

“theHumm” reviews, “Lanark County Christmas:



“Recipes & Recollections: Treats and Tales from our Mother’s Kitchen

Recipes and Recollections 

ISBN 978-0-9877026-0-9

Recipes-recollections-cover Aug 26 2020

For over two decades, Audry Stafford won countless baking competitions at the local fair in Perth, Ontario. Because of her continued success over the years she was asked to become a judge and she served in that capacity for many years at numerous county fairs throughout Eastern Ontario.

In this book, her prize winning recipes are assembled together for the first time: her fool-proof ‘never- fail’ pastry, decadent chocolate cake, creamy rich fudge and her much-sought-after rustic sour dough recipes, to name a few.

Audry and her husband Tim were serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force when they met and married in 1943. After WWII, they purchased a farm on the third concession of Bathurst Township in Lanark County where they lived for almost five decades.

Join Audry’s five children as they take you back to a simpler time, growing up on a farm in the post-war years in rural Ontario. Follow them through the seasons, from the maple syrup production in the spring to the all important fall harvest and even memories of their old fashioned country Christmas.

‘Recipes and Recollections’ is an unforgettable journey back in time, written for Audry’s grandchildren. The stories will bring a smile to your face and the award-winning recipes will delight your palate.

Lanark County Kid: My Travels Up and Down the Third Line


Lanark County Kid Book Cover

Lanark County Kid: My Travels Up and Down the Third Line

ISBN 978-0-9877026-1-6

In this collection of stories the author transports us back in time to the 1960s and 1970s, growing up in rural Eastern Ontario. She invites us to the family farm in Bathurst Township and to share in her adventures in the nearby communities of Perth, Balderson, Lanark, Carleton Place and Almonte to name a few. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll reminisce. You’ll remember the good old days through the eyes of a rural kid, as you travel the backroads through Lanark County.
Lanark County Chronicle: Double-back to the Third Line

Lanark County Chronicle cover Sept 4 2020

Lanark County Chronicle: Double Back to the Third Line

ISBN 978-0-9877026-2-3

Following on the heels of “Lanark County Kid”, Stafford-Wilson beckons you back once again to the family farm on the Third Line of Bathurst Township in the 1960s and 1970s. She invites you to come along on her adventures in Perth, Almonte, Smiths Falls, and the Rideau Lakes to name a few. Spend the day with her at the Maberly Fair or come along for an evening in Newboro. Join the cattle drive through Ferguson Falls or stay up all night at the movies in Port Elmsley. Travel back with her to a simpler, more innocent time, observe life through the eyes of a rural kid and relive the days gone by in Eastern Ontario.


Lanark County Calendar: Four Seasons on the Third Line

ISBN 978-0-9877026-3-0

L C Calendar book cover

In her fourth book, author Arlene Stafford-Wilson invites us to spend the year with her as she transports us back to the family farm in Eastern Ontario in the 1960s and 1970s. Join her in the magical weeks leading up to Christmas in rural Bathurst Township. Spend the early days of spring with her as she gathers sap for maple syrup season. Escape into the long, hot summer days of childhood, stroll down country lanes and join in the harvest. Share the excitement of the annual Perth Fair and come along as the Lanark County maple trees show off their spectacular autumn colours. Experience the changing seasons on the Third Line: winter, spring, summer and fall in this Lanark County Calendar.

 Lanark County Classics: A Treasury of Tales from Another Time

ISBN: 9780987 7026-54

Lanark County Classics Book Cover jpg

In this collection of short stories, the author invites the reader to journey back to a small farm in Eastern Ontario in the 1960s and 1970s.  Discover Irish legends, and learn about the troublesome banshees of North Burgess Township.  Visit Clyde Forks, and share in an unsolved mystery that continues to baffle police today.  Join the celebration of a milestone in the pictureque village of Middleville, and watch as a tragedy unfolds along the shores of the Mississippi River in Pakenham.  Chat with the neighbours at a popular general store in DeWitt’s Corners, and witness something unusual in the night skies over Perth.  Join the author as she travels back to a simpler way of life, in this treasury of tales from another time.


Lanark County Connections: Memories Among the Maples

ISBN: 9780987 702647

Lanark County Connections 1 (2)


In this collection of short stories, the author invites the reader along on a journey into the past.  Come for a tour on Lanark County’s back-roads, and go sightseeing in the most remarkable places, some well-known, and a few more obscure.  Visit heritage buildings and meet some fascinating people, both famous and ordinary, who made their mark in the community.  Spend the afternoon with a group of creative rural women, and hear their gems of wisdom as they craft a quilt.  Enjoy a carefree summer evening at an old-style country dance-hall on the Rideau Lakes.  The author invites you to come along on these adventures and more, as she shares some memories among the maples.

Lanark County Calling: All Roads Lead Home

ISBN:  9780987 702661

Lanark County Calling cover


Experience an unforgettable party at one of the most popular country music festivals of our time – the legendary Ompah Stomp.  Next, sample some popcorn at the Soper Theatre in Smiths Falls, while you meet the folks who made sure your night at the movies went off without a hitch.  Visit Perth, Ontario, where you’ll meet trailblazer, Sophia Haggis, a local confectioner, also known as ‘the candy lady’.  Your next stop is Ferguson Falls, where you may encounter a ghostly apparition, searching for their lost love along the shores of the  Mississippi River.  Come and meet the Witch of Plum Hollow, an Irish fortune teller who helped police solve crimes.  Take this captivating journey through some of the most intriguing places in Eastern Ontario.

Lanark County Collection: Winding Our Way Down Memory Lane

ISBN: 978-0-987702678

Lanark County Collection cover Feb 23 2021

Travel back in time to the 1960s and 1970s as the author invites you to come along on this journey through rural Eastern Ontario.  Visit the Rideau Ferry Inn, a much-loved dance hall, where rock and roll was king.  Watch in wonder as a water-witcher dazzles you with their mysterious abilities as they locate the best spot to dig a country well.  Spend the evening at the infamous Stumble Inn, in Ferguson Falls, known for its bootleg whiskey and legendary fighting among the Irish villagers.  Next, meet the dedicated staff of the Perth Public Library, and discover the tragedy, scandal, and unstoppable spirit that made this place the heart of the town.  Visit a rural farmhouse and discover the secrets behind the art and science of sourdough.  Spend a hot summer night at the Port Elmsley Drive In, meet some fascinating people, and find out what happens behind the scenes while you watch a movie under the stars.  Join the author as you wind your way down memory lane.

Lanark County Comfort: Homespun Tales to Warm Your Heart

ISBN:  978-0-987702685


In this collection of short stories the author invites you to visit some extraordinary places and meet some fascinating people who left their mark in Lanark County.  Come to cottage country and visit Arliedale Lodge on Christie Lake, playground of the rich and famous, where the legendary Marks Brothers hosted unforgettable parties.  Meet the Oakes family, and discover the tragedies and triumphs of their much-loved bakery in Perth.  Spend an unforgettable evening at a Pant Barn dance, meet the rock and roll bands, and find out what went on behind the scenes at these legendary concerts.  Celebrate with the members of a 125-year old country church at an old-fashioned strawberry social and learn the secrets of the popularity and longevity of this special place.  Take a Sunday drive into the Lanark Highlands, meet the fascinating folks of Flower Station who may have uncovered the secrets of the fountain of youth.  Meet Perth’s millionair bachelor, discover a legal scandal that rocked the town of Perth, and find out who inherited his fortune.



Arlene for FB book launch



Many thanks to one and all who shared their memories of Christmas, in “Lanark County Christmas”, and may these stories delight the readers of today, be a lasting legacy of our local history, and a rare glimpse into days gone by in Lanark County:

Lynne Allan, Shirley Armstrong, Graeme Hoatson Beattie, Helen Benda, Peter Bothwell, David Bromley, JoAnne Cavanagh Butler, Jean Carson, Margery Conboy, Diane Cox, Martha Craig, Dave Crosbie, Judy Burnham Curry, Elaine DeLisle, Eric Devlin, Graeme Dixon, Marlene Springer Donoghue, Brian Dowdall, Diane Miller Duncan, Joanne Ewart, Beverly Miller Ferlatte, Richard Frizell, Karen Fulton, Eric Gordon, Anne Graham, Julia James, Muriel James, Thom Lowry, Cynda McAdoo, Gail McFarlane, Grant McFarlane, Rosetta McInnes, Everett Millotte, Ivy Mohrhardt, Chris Morrow, Carl Munro, Ethel Nagle, Jayne Munro-Ouimet, Dianne Pinder-Moss, Doris Quinn, Fran Rathwell, Rose Mary Sarsfield, Shirley Scott, Allan Stanley, Lea Beth Taylor, Steve Tennant, Doris Thompson, Ron Thornbury, Noreen Tyers, Dave White, and Don White








Books are available at these fine retailers:

The Book Nook, 60 Gore St.E., Perth, ON
Mill Street Books, 52 Mill St., Almonte, ON
Spark Books and Curios, 62 Foster St., Perth, ON
Heritage House Museum, 11 Old Slys Road, Smiths Falls, ON

also online at http://www.staffordwilson.com and lanarkcountybooks@gmail.com

Shipping within Canada – 613-267-2350 – The Book Nook, Perth, ON

International shipping: lanarkcountybooks@gmail.com

Arlene Stafford-Wilson signing books

Arlene Stafford-Wilson

9 comments on “About the Author

  1. Sheila Hurren says:

    Enjoyed reading your book “Lanark County Kid”. I bought a copy for Joy Hurren my daughter.
    Sheila Hurren I worked at Wampole’s

    • Thank-you Sheila! There is a story in my latest book ‘Lanark County Chronicle’ that mentions both Joy and Jennifer when we worked together at the Perth Hospital. The story is Chapter 10 and is called ‘Ghosts and Gastronomy in Perth’.

  2. Roseann. Wurtz says:

    Arlene, these stories, memories and history are fascinating and wonderful. I have just discovered them and am having a sweet trip down memory lane. Thank you!!!

    • Hi Roseann – Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad that you’re enjoying the stories. I’m trying to preserve some of our memories of the good old days while there are still some of us around who remember! Take care!

  3. Οne of my top web blogs to read through in thе moгning with
    a cup of coffee of course!

  4. Shawn Breen says:

    Hello Arlene. I first heard you on Lake 88.1 in Perth about a month ago. You got my attention when you mentioned the Rideau Ferry Inn. Although I was too young to enjoy Rideau Ferry back in the good old days, I certainly have heard lots of stories. I took a Sunday drive recently. I went to Dewitt’s Corners, Calvin Church and Stanleyville, all places that were part of your life’s memories, and places that resonated with me. There was a connection when I drove to these spots. My imagination ran wild with what I had read in your books and stories told to me by other people.Thank you so much for bringing local history alive. i can’t put your books down and hope to real all of them. Sincerely, Shawn Breen….Smiths Falls

  5. Darcy Aleck says:

    Hi Arlene, interesting info with lots of great historical references! I’m doing some research on a property in the Tay Valley. I’m wondering if you have any historical information about 476 Bathurst Concession 5 Perth, Ontario. Please do let me know. If you do, could you please email it to me at the email address I put below? If not, can you refer me to any sources such as websites, or publications where I can get the history of the property? Thanks in advance!

  6. Michael Smith says:

    I have just read your recent post and have been very excited to learn some of the history of Dewitt’s Corners. My daughter and her partner recently bought the old schoolhouse on the Cameron Sideroad. I am trying to get as much information as possible on the building. Thank you, Michael Smith, Perth

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