New Book: “Lanark County Christmas”

Christmas Memories by:

Lynne Allan, Shirley Armstrong, Graeme Hoatson Beattie, Helen Benda, Peter Bothwell, David Bromley, JoAnne Cavanagh Butler, Jean Carson, Margery Conboy, Diane Cox, Martha Craig, Dave Crosbie, Judy Burnham Curry, Elaine DeLisle, Eric Devlin, Graeme Dixon, Marlene Springer Donoghue, Brian Dowdall, Diane Miller Duncan, Joanne Ewart, Beverly Miller Ferlatte, Richard Frizell, Karen Fulton, Eric Gordon, Anne Graham, Julia James, Muriel James, Thom Lowry, Cynda McAdoo, Gail McFarlane, Grant McFarlane, Rosetta McInnes, Everett Millotte, Ivy Mohrhardt, Chris Morrow, Carl Munro, Ethel Nagle, Jayne Munro-Ouimet, Dianne Pinder-Moss, Doris Quinn, Fran Rathwell, Rose Mary Sarsfield, Shirley Scott, Allan Stanley, Lea Beth Taylor, Steve Tennant, Doris Thompson, Ron Thornbury, Noreen Tyers, Dave White, and Don White.

“Lanark County Christmas”

“A delightful collection of over 50 Christmas stories shared by the sons and daughters of Lanark County. Set in the decades spanning the 1940s through the 1980s, these memories of a Christmas past offer a rare glimpse into days gone by from every corner of the county.

Festive tales from the Lanark Highlands, Drummond/North Elmsley, Tay Valley, Beckwith, Montague, Mississippi Mills, and the towns of Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, and Perth. Celebrate the season with a trip through a snowy bush to find the perfect tree, experience an old-time Christmas concert, and discover the traditional Christmas foods passed down through the generations.

Experience the colourful lights aglow in the quaint towns and villages, go sledding under a starlit sky, and visit an old country church on Christmas Eve. Meet the families and their relatives who gathered together for the festivities, and bask in countless heart-warming moments of the season. Join local authors as they share their precious recollections of the past, and discover the magic of a Lanark County Christmas.”

Christmas stories

from all across Lanark County

Lanark Highlands

Lavant Township, Dalhousie Township, North Sherbrooke Township, Darling Township, Lanark Township, and Lanark village were combined, and renamed the Township of Lanark Highlands. Villages and hamlets include Hopetown, Boyds, Clyde Forks, Pine Grove, Hood, Joes Lake, Lammermoor, Lanark, Rosetta, White, Middleville, Poland, Lavant, Flower Station, Brightside, Elphin, Watson’s Corners, McDonald’s Corners, and Tatlock.

Mississippi Mills

Pakenham Township, Ramsay Township, and the town of Almonte, including Pakenham, Appleton, Almonte, Blakeney, Bennie’s Corners, and Cedar Hill.

Tay Valley

South Sherbrooke Township, Bathurst Township, and North Burgess Township including Althorpe, Armstrongs Corners, Bolingbroke, Brooke, DeWitt’s Corners, Fallbrook, Glen Tay, Harper, Maberly, Playfairville, Stanleyville, and Wemyss.

Drummond/North Elmsley

Drummond/North Elmsley Township : the townships of Drummond and North Elmsley, including Port Elmsley, Balderson, Innisville, Wayside, Drummond Centre, Ferguson’s Falls and Rideau Ferry.


Beckwith Township includes the communities of Ashton, Blacks Corners, Franktown, Gillies Corners, Prospect, and Scotch Corners.


Montague Township – home to the communities of Numogate, Nolan’s Corners, Rosedale and Kilmarnock

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Arlene Stafford-Wilson

2 comments on “New Book: “Lanark County Christmas”

  1. Noreen Tyers says:

    I would like one, and hopefully I can send one of my Grandson’s over to pick one up from you.

    I hope I am busy signing as well


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