Tay River, Perth Ontario


“How lovely the little river is,

with its dark changing wavelets! 

It seems to me like a living companion

while I wander along the bank,

and listen to its low, placid voice…

                                                                                                                                                                George Elliot

The Tay River

Hot, steamy days in July are the perfect companion for a cool, clear river like the Tay in Perth, Ontario. The branches overhead, full and green with their summer coat of fluttering leaves, sweep the cool breezes down toward the water.  The mid-day sun overhead beats down on us, radiating the full force of the season, but it’s no match for the surging waters as the currents pull us playfully along into deeper, colder bends in the river. A bird swoops down for a drink, reminding us that we’re not the only ones enjoying the water today.

Dragonflies dodge and chase invisible prey as they change lanes again and again on the long green highway. A dog walks along the bridge overhead, panting in the summer heat, gazing down at the water with envy and disappointment as his master leads him away from the water.

All of our cares drift away as the river makes us weightless and we float along, cool and carefree, oblivious to the heat of the sun or the news of the day.

Roger Stafford and Kevin Wilson, Perth, Ontario



………..and my favourite spot along the Tay River, where we all learned how to swim… 

Carl Adams Swimming Hole, Tay Valley Township, Lanark County

                                        Carl Adams Swimming Hole, also known as ‘Flat Rock’

Arlene Stafford-Wilson


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