Family Reunions – Lanark County 1970s & 1980s

Lanark County Family Reunions

Someone once said,

“Families are like branches on a tree – we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” 

Many families who settled in Lanark County came from Europe – mainly Ireland, Scotland, some from England, and from countless other locations around the world.   As sons and daughters grew up and left the family homesteads, they in turn spread out across the country and beyond.  Organizing a family reunion became a yearly ritual for some families, and many advertised their reunions in the local papers.

The following is a snapshot of some of the families who held reunions in the 1970s and 1980s in Lanark County.  Our story begins with some commentary from a popular local journalist, Bill Smiley, and his personal views on family reunions…..

Family Reunion column by Bill Smiley

(December 18, 1975. p.2 – an excerpt of Bill Smiley’s column)

Lanark County Family Reunions banner

Andison Family

(Aug. 6, 1970, p.12 – “The Perth Courier”)

Andison family

Crampton Family

(October 21, 1971, p.10)

Crampton family

Schonauer Family

(July 10, 1975. p. 12)

Schonauer family

Slack Family

(Aug. 28, 1975, p.10)

Slack family

McKay Family

McKay family

June 2, 1977, p.4

Barr Family

Barr family

Aug. 18, 1977 p.16

Patterson Family

Patterson family 1

Patterson family 2

July 19, 1978 p.19

Kirkham Family

Kirkham family

Aug. 30, 1978 p.6

Love Family

Love family

News from Flower Station, Aug. 22, 1979 p.7

Geddes Family

Geddes family

Snow Road News, Aug. 19, 1979, p.31

Kirkham, Dixon, McKenacher, Truelove, and Tysick families

Kirkham family 1

Kirkham family 2

September 26, 1979, p.26

Desjardine Family

Desjardine family

Flower Station news – March 5, 1980 p.11

Barrie Family

Barrie family

Snow Road news – July 9, 1980, p.8

Rintoul Family

Rintoul family

Aug. 15, 1981, p.5

Hermer Family

Hermer family

Oct. 7, 1981 p.15 – Ardoch news

Massey – Marshall Family

Massey family

Massey family 1

Massey family 2

Massey family 3

May 26, 1982 p. 19

Caswell Family

Caswell family

July 14, 1982, p.11

Miller Family

Miller family

July 21, 1982, p.14

Camelon Family

camelon reunion

July 21, 1982, p.14

VanAlstine Family

VanAlstine family

July 21, 1982, p.14

Closs Family

Closs family

July 28, 1982, p.7

Echlin Family

Echlin family

July 28, 1982 p.14

Arnott Family

Arnott family

Aug. 4, 1982, p.3

Larmon Family

Larmon family 2

Larmon family

Aug. 18, 1982 p.27

Adrain Family

Adrain family

Dec. 22, 1982, p.22

McDonnell Family

McDonnell family

July 20, 1983 p.10 – Donnelly’s Corners

Brady Family

Brady family

July 27, 1983, p.22

Crosbie and Gemmill Families

Crosbie and Gemmill family

July 27, 1983, p.22

Devlin Family

Devlin family

July 27, 1983, p.22

Killingbeck, Koffman, & Baxter Families

Killingbeck family

Sept. 7, 1983 p.6

Bowes and Mahon Families

Bowes and Mahon families

July 25, 1984 p.3

Umpherson Family

Umpherson family

Aug. 1, 1984, p.13

McKenzie – Peters, Thomas, Morrow, Kerr

McKenzie Peters families

Sept. 26, 1984 p.14

Hill – Millar Families

Hill Millar families

Oct. 3, 1984, p.10

Chabot Family

Chabot family

Oct. 17, 1984 p.12

memories quote

Stafford Family Reuniion – 2012

Stafford family reunion 2012 Oshawa

photo: Stafford family reunion – 2012, at the Marriott Hotel, Consumers Drive, Whitby,  Ontario
Back row, l to r:  Roger Stafford, Sam Wharton, Kevin Wilson, Tim Stafford, Jim Ryan
Front row, l to r: Ruth (Parks) Stafford, Jackie Stafford Wharton, Arlene Stafford-Wilson, Marian (Salemink) Stafford, and Judy Stafford Ryan


News clippings of all Lanark County family reunions – from: “The Perth Courier”

Arlene Stafford-Wilson

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