P.D.C.I. June Exams 1942

Perth and District Collegiate Institute has a long and storied history, dating back to the early years of the military settlement in the town of Perth, Ontario.

Perth Collegiate Institute 1876


Many of the school’s graduates went on to achieve both academic and athletic excellence, and many made their mark in the world:

Lieutenant-General Donald McNaughton, Deputy Commander in Chief of NORAD, 1986
Honourable J.J. McCann, MP, 1935, and from 1945 to 1957, a federal cabinet minister
Honourable George McIlraith, MP – 1940, Cabinet Minister – 1970s – Senator
Honourable William Motherwell – MP, Agriculture Minister
Dr. Rupert Michell sailed with explorer, Ernest Shackleton to the Antarctic
Dr. Lloyd Warren – Professor of Science, University of Manitoba, Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research at the University of Manitoba named in his honour
Justice Roy Kellock, Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, received the Order of Canada

Billy Smith -played 18 seasons, NHL, won 4 Stanley Cups, Conn Smythe Trophy, Vezina Trophy, Jennings Trophy honoured at the Hockey Hall of Fame
Les Douglas played professional hockey for 20 years, won the Stanley Cup
Dan Wicklum won the Grey Cup (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
Mike Brown won Gold and Bronze at the Commonwealth Games
Sultanna Frizell won Gold in OFSSA shot put, a Gold in the Commonwealth Games

Through the years, exam results were printed in the local newspaper, “The Perth Courier”.

The following are the results of the Spring Exams, held in June, of 1942:

Spring Exams 1942

Perth and District Collegiate Institute, Perth, Ontario

War Years

Although many of us have passed through these doors, in different eras, it must have been particularly challenging for those who attended during the war years, like the students listed above, in 1942.

They lived in uncertain times. Many of those students would head overseas to war after graduation, and some would not return. While most of us in the 1970s were planning graduation parties and festivities, those students in the war years were planning to enlist in the military, their thoughts heavy with an unknown future, and the sadness of leaving loved ones behind.

As these warm days of June unfold, and graduations take place around the nation, we might pause to reflect on the students of P.D.C.I. in times of war. By necessity they grew up far more quickly than we did, faced with harsh realities, impossible situations, and obstacles we can only imagine.

Let this be a small tribute to our fellow students of the war years at P.D.C.I., as we take a few moments to remember them.

If you know any of the students listed above, please comment below.

P.D.C.I. – “Home of the Blue Devils”

Arlene Stafford-Wilson


2 comments on “P.D.C.I. June Exams 1942

  1. Norma Frizell Beauchemin says:

    My aunt who I am named after Norma Frizell is listed. There are 2 other Norma’s on that same list, so the name must have been fairly common in those days.

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