Bill Buffam, Craftsman

In 1978, an article appeared in “The Perth Courier”, featuring Bill Buffam, and his family, and the beautiful handcrafted pieces he produced. It was said at the time that their home at R.R. # 5, resembled a museum, with some of the pieces dating back to the 1860s.

“In 1965, Bill was hired by the owners of two antique businesses to restore buildings built in the 1820s, and some of the furniture. What started as a hobby, soon became his profession.”

“One of his specialties are custom-made canopy beds. They take a week to build, cost about $500., and are ordered a year in advance.”

“The key to Buffam’s success is the pride he takes in his workmanship: meticulously copying old simple Canadian Furniture.”

“Things back then were made to use, not like now. Today everything is mass produced, ornaments to look at.”

Article from: August 2, 1978, p. 2, “The Perth Courier”

Lanark County has been the home to many artisans and craftsmen over the years, and Bill Buffam, set a fine example by taking a skill, perfecting it, and sharing the finished products with the many who admired and purchased his work through the years.

I wonder how many of his customers still enjoy his fine pieces in their homes today?

Arlene Stafford-Wilson

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