Families of Montague Township

Among the first European settlers in Montague Township, Lanark County, Ontario, were United Empire Loyalists, from the U.S., who arrived between 1790 and 1797:

Depiction of United Empire Loyalists – Americans who preferred to remain British Subjects, and who came to Canada after the American Revolution

Historic Townships of Lanark County

Montague Township Families listed in 1863:

“The Province of Ontario: a History: 1615-1927”

Acton, Agnee, Anders, Anderson, Andrews, Armrod, Baalf, Bailey, Ballantine, Beamish, Barton, Begg, Bell, Bennett, Billings, Burchell, Bissell, Blair, Blodgett, Box, Bradley, Bramnick, Brennen, Breland, Brown, Buchanan, Buell, Burgess, Burrows, Cadden, Kehoe, Campbell, Carnes, Carnduff, Carter, Cavanagh, Chalmers, Chapman, Chester, Chock, Christie, Clark, Clink, Coad, Cochard, Comrie, Condie, Conich, Conlin, Conlon, Connell, Conner, Copeland, Couch, Crooks, Croon, Croskery, Cusick, Dalena, Davis, Dempsey, Derrick, Devlin, Dillabough, Dizell, Dorman, Dormer, Douglass, Doyle Driscoll, Dumfield, Eamon, Earl, Edmonds, Edwards, Ervin, Everts, Evetts, Farls, Ferguson, Fibs, Finell, Fitzcharles, Fitzgerald, Flannigan, Fleming, Flood, Foley, Foster, Furlong, Giff, Killaly, Gorman, Grace, Graham, Gravelle, Griffith, Hades, Haley, Hall, Hennessy, Hetherington, Hill, Holbrook, Holt, Hood, James, Jones, Kagen, Keating, Kelley, Kennedy, Kerfoot, Kerr, Keys, Kidd, Kilfoyle, Kinchley, King, Knapp, Lake, Lamb, Larkins, Latt, Lave, Lawford, Leach, Leaver, Lee, Leeson, Livingstone, Lewis, Little, Loftus, Long, Loucks, Lowe, Lucker, Lukas, Lumix, Maitland, McClinton, McCance, McCaw, McConnell, McCormack, McCrea, McCreary, McCrutchie, McDermid, McDermott, McDonald, McEwen, McGilvery, McGregor, McInrugh, McLaughlin, McMahon, McMillan, McPhail, McPherson, McQuay, McVean, Meredith, Meroe, Merrick, Millikin, Moffatt, Moir, Moore, Moorhouse, Morris, McIlroy, Murphy, Murray, Nealand, Newman, Nicholson, Nolan, Nullerville, O’Donnell, Payea, Peck, Pendergrass, Pierce, Plant, Poaps, Poole, Prescott, Prichard, Proctor, Publow, Rathwell, Reagan, Rekey, Reid, Richardson, Rickey, Riddle, Robinson, Roe, Rose, Rylance, Saltier, Salter, Sanders, Scott, Shepard, Shields, Shirley, Smith, Splane, Stacey, Stewart, Stuart, Tilman, Taylor, Tiffin, Tilford, Tillebaugh, Tierney, Tomlinson, Tussey, Tripp, Vanderhouse, Vandusen, Wall, Ward, Warren, Watts, Webster, White, Willable, Willis, Wilson, Winne, Wood.

(Jesse E. Middleton, The Province of Ontario: a History: 1615-1927, published 1927.)

Settlements – Montague Twp:

Numogate, Nolans Corners, Rosedale and Kilmarnock (Kilnarne)

Google maps

Numogate, Montague Township

Loyal Orange Lodge 705

Federal Election of 1925

Born in Numogate, Montague

Almonte Police Chief

Montague Mailman

40-Year Old Horse

Cameron Family

Area’s first Microwave Tower

at Numogate

Rideau Canal Byways

Nolan’s Corners

Rosedale Hall

Rosedale Hall, 657 Rosedale Road South

Rosedale Hall

In 2019 The Township of Montague received a grant of $127,500 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and in 2020 completed the upgrades to Rosedale Hall. Structural upgrades were completed including replacing the floor joists, installing new flooring, a new well was dug, and a new children’s playground and walkway. The hall can be rented for weddings, celebrations of life, or other functions, by the hour or by the day, for residents or non-residents.

Some of the families of Rosedale: Rosedale: Acton, Andrews, Blair, Bunting, Chalmers, Clark, Comrie, Dais, Davies, Davis, Dizell, Flagg, Graham, King, Livingston, Louks, McCreary, McCreery, Lumsden, McEwen, McPhail, McLain, Shields, Moir, Porter, Scott, Smith, Tassie, Vandusen, Wilson, Wall, Watt


Kilmarnock Lockmaster’s House

The Lockmaster’s house was built at the Kilmarnock Lockstation in 1841 by the
Royal Engineers as part of the defence structures for the Rideau Canal. A second storey was added to the main structure in the 1890s, and later a single storey frame summer kitchen. It is a designated historic site on the Rideau Canal system.

Kilmarnock was originally known as Maitland’s Rapids (named for the first settler, James Maitland), and the locks have what is called an “unequal arm”, with a timber swing bridge. It is the lowest lift of any lock on the Rideau, only 2.2 feet. Not far up the road, is the Kilmarnock Apple Orchard.

Side of the Lockmaster’s House – photo: Dept. of Public Works

1424 Kilmarnock Road, Montague, Ontario

The Lockmasters

at Kilmarnock

The first lockmaster was James Maitland, a former soldier, recommended by Colonel John By. Maitland served until his retirement in 1846.

George Newsome, served 1846-1871.

Replaced by his son, William Newsome, the longest serving lockmaster on the Rideau, retired after 50 years, in 1921

J. R. Dalton, from 1922 to 1941

Fred Dawe, 1942 to 1945

R.V. Marshall from 1946 to 1964

Ted Moncrieff from 1965 to 1977

unknown from 1978 to 1980

Stan Irvin from 1980 to 1995

Ron Hyland served 1995 to 2000

Cemeteries of Montague

St. Bede’s Anglican Cemetery Nolan’s Corners, Montague Lot 19 Concession 5

McVean Cemetery Montague Lot 27 Concession 8

McCrae Family Cemetery Montague Lot 3 Concession 1

Christ Church Cemetery (also known as the Anglican Cemetery Lot 8 Concession  6, Status: Closed to further burials

Van Dusen Cemetery, Montague Township, Concession 1, Lot 24

St. John’s Anglican Cemetery, Montague Historical Municipality: Smith Falls Lot 30 Concession 5 North end of Mazie St.

St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Cemetery Montague Lot: 27 Concession: 7 Location Address: N of Kelly-Jordon Side Road on Hwy 15.

Montague Farm Museum

More than 30 years ago, Bill Dobson, established Montague Farm Museum, a private antique collection, a worthwhile destination for antique lovers and history buffs.

Some of the museum’s holdings: antique farming tools, implements, hand-made artifacts and textiles from the 1800 and 1900s, over 1,000 artifacts from the 1800s and 1900s, tools for blacksmithing, coopers, spinning, weaving, quilting and farming. Special treasures: An 1860s dowsing rod for locating water, and a horse-shaped pierced-tin trade sign from a horse-stable.

Montague Farm Museum is next door to a sheep cheese factory – Milkhouse Farm & Dairy and Lynda Hynes Pottery Studio, also beside the museum!

The museum is located at 1105 Matheson Rd., open by appointment only call 613-283-5270.

Bobolink Bird

The male has been described as a bird wearing a tuxedo, with his distinctive black and white coat. These birds are native to Montague Township, and many parts of Eastern Ontario. Bobolinks are small songbirds with somewhat flat heads, short necks, and short tails. They are related to blackbirds and orioles.

Native birds of Montague Township, Lanark County, Bobolinks nest in hay fields and livestock pastures.

Ramshead Lady Slipper

– native to Montague Township, member of the orchid family

Ramshead Lady Slipper – Orchid Family, rare, but still exist in many areas of Montague Township, and other parts of Eastern Ontario.

Familiar Names of Montague Township

Some familiar family names of Montague Township: McPherson, Jansen, Burrows, Kerfoot, Gulley, Houle, Shaw, Covill, MacDonald, Gilhuly, Patterson, Bates, Campbell, McVean, McCrea, Chester, Willoughby, Condie, Sheridan, Taylor, Griffith, Garland, Dopson, Phillips, Aldrich, Hill, Barton, Thomas, Lane, Merrick, Nettleton, Robinson, Phillips, Knapp, Vandusen, Crouch, Stafford, McIntyre, Burgess, Gilchrist, Rose, Sly, Wickware, Lake, Billings, Mars, Draper, Burchill, Chambers, Clark, Colborne, Cook, Davis, Empey, Ferguson, Fraser, Garrett, Hall, Jones, Livingstone, Poole, Newman, Shields, Stevens, Cameron.

Miscellaneous Articles

Visit Montague Township!

With a rich history including the proud United Empire Loyalists arriving in the 1790s, Montague Township is a wonderful place to live, to vacation, or a lovely place for a Sunday drive. With its charming communities of Numogate, Nolan’s Corners, Rosedale, and Kilmarnock, there’s something for everyone. Stop by one of the museums, or visit the grounds of one of the lovely historic churches. The local artisans, cheesemakers, and merchants will have the perfect souvenir of your day-trip. Don’t forget to visit the Kilmarnock locks and marvel at the engineering and beauty of the Rideau Canal, and the clear peaceful waters that remind us all of the special beauty of this part of Lanark County.

Arlene Stafford-Wilson


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  1. Anne says:

    This is a wonderful history of the area. We recently moved to Kilmarnock and haven’t been able to find out too much, so very happy to discover your writing. Thank you!

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