“The Curlers” -filmed in Perth

In 1955, a black & white film, “The Curlers”, was shot in Perth, Ontario. “The Curlers” is a story featuring many local actors, as well as members of the Perth Curling Club.

With a number of scenes shot on the main streets, Gore, and Drummond, as well as the area around the Curling Club, and some rural scenes, the film is a trip down memory lane, and a glimpse back into life in 1955.

The story unfolds as two members of the Perth Curling Club, who are also local farmers, have a dispute over a section of property where their farms intersect.

Early in the film we see scenes of Gore Streets, and Drummond Streets, and then we meet some of the town’s best curlers at the Perth Curling Club.

The Perth Curling Club, as it appeared in 1955.

Members of the club appear in the film, along with actors portraying the main characters.

Producers remarked that the local actors did a fine job in their roles.

With so many Perth residents having Scottish ancestors it’s not surprising that curling was such a popular pastime in the winter months.

The conflict between farmers Henderson and McNair begins when it’s determined that trees have been chopped down on a section of property that each believes is theirs.

Back in Perth, along the main street, both men decide to seek legal counsel over their dispute

Each of the parties discusses the matter with their lawyers to determine the best course of action.

Another scene featuring one of the lovely limestone buildings in Perth – the historic courthouse.

One of the scenes takes place inside the Perth Courthouse

A lunch meeting is held in a local hotel.

A scene inside the hotel.

The two lawyers representing each of the farmers discusses the lawsuit over lunch.

Lunch meeting with some of the town’s ‘movers and shakers’.

Turkey Fair Day – on Gore Street

Back at the Curling Club

The two farmers, still in conflict over the land dispute must play together against an opposing team…

What will be the outcome?

After the game…

At the local church on Sunday

Local actors…and members of the Perth Curling Club

“The Curlers”

Norman Klenman -Story and Screenplay

William Davidson – Director

Robert Humble – Photography

Clifford Griffin – Sound

Fergus McDonell – Editing

Nicholas Balla – Production

Watch the film in it’s entirety,

“The Curlers”

Click on the link below:


….and take a trip down memory lane

From the National Film Board of Canada:

“In this film we see how an ingenious small-town lawyer employs the team spirit to settle a rift between two neighbouring farmers, just in time for an all-important turkey bonspiel.”

photos: are from the film, “The Curlers”

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Arlene Stafford-Wilson

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