Mississippi Station & Minto Hall

Mississippi Station and Minto Hall

Mississippi Station was one of the many stops along the Kingston and Pembroke Railway, also known as the ‘Kick and Push’. Minto Hall was built beside the train station, and became a popular venue for dances, theater performances, gatherings for church groups, and for social clubs.

Minto Hall was built in 1898, and closed in 1961, purchased by the Department of Highways, while they were building a section of Highway 509.

Minto Hall

Minto Hall was a gathering place for people of the area for banquets, wedding receptions, for anniversary celebrations, and special church presentations. It was a popular place to hear local musicians, and see performances by local celebrities, such as the famous Marks Brothers of Christie Lake. In the early days the ground floor was used to store flour and grain, and the second floor was equipped with an auditorium, a stage, and dressing rooms.

“(In 1911) A farewell banquet was given them (Isaac Allan and family) in Minto Hall, in that village, which was attended by about three hundred and fifty people.”

Oct. 26, 1911, “The Perth Courier”

“The dance held in Minto Hall on Christmas night was a decided success.”

Jan. 4, 1924, p. 7, “The Perth Courier”

“Mrs. A.C. Rhodes attended the monthly meeting of the Women’s Institute in the Minto Hall, Mississippi.”

May 17, 1935, p.8 “The Perth Courier”

“Tichborne Young People’s Society presented a three-act comedy drama in Minto Hall on Friday evening to a capacity audience.”

Minto Hall Sold

“It was a nostalgic day here on Monday in Mississippi Village. At 1 p.m. the final blow of the auctioneer’s gavel sold Minto Hall to the highest bidder.”

(article from Nov. 23, 1961, “The Perth Courier”)

Location of Minto Hall at Mississippi Station (in red) on the K & P Raiway route

Mississippi Station timetable – 1915

Mississippi Station – photo Harold Geddes

Minto Hall (1898-1961)

Sir John A. Macdonald’s Last Ride

On June 11, 1891, the K&P delivered its most famous cargo, the remains of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, from Sharbot Lake Junction to his home in Kingston.

Queen’s University Archives, K & P Railway Locomotive, 1901

The last train

The last K & P freight train ran December 29, 1961.

The end of Minto Hall

…And so, Minto Hall was sold and demolished in the winter of 1961, to make way for the construction of this particular section of Highway 509.

The owner of the property, W.A. Geddes, regretted the necessary sale to the Department of Highways, and there were many locals at that time who had hoped that Minto Hall could have been moved to another location, and preserved as a heritage structure.

Sadly, “Minto Hall and its memories must go.”


2 comments on “Mississippi Station & Minto Hall

  1. Wenda Gilchrist Veldman says:

    My mother and I went from Mississippi to Kingston on the train about 1954 with my little white dog and when she cried the porter brought her out of baggage and let her ride with us I attended what I think was the last dance held there with my mother and father, Ethel and Rowatt Gilchrist in I believe 1961.

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