Great War Memorial Hospital

Dedicated on Armistice Day, 1924,

in memory of those who fought and died

in WWI (the Great War)

“To remind us of the Great Sacrifice and of our duty, this Hospital is dedicated to the memory of the men of the Town of Perth, and the Townships of Bathurst, Drummond, North Burgess, and North Elmsley, who gave their lives for their King and Country in the Great War of 1914-1918, and whose names are recorded with gratitude and love in the Book of Remembrance placed below, and in honor of their comrades from these municipalities who so gloriously served.”

Nov. 14, 1924, p. 3 “The Perth Courier”

To Those Who Gave Their Lives

Great War Memorial Hospital – original building, known as Victoria Hall

The Great War Memorial Hospital opened in March of 1923, but the dedication ceremony was not held until Armistice Day in 1924.

Official Opening March 10, 1923

March 9, 1923, p. 1, “The Perth Courier”

Building was the former home of Judge Malloch of Perth, ON

March 16, 1923, p. 1 and 4, “The Perth Courier”

GWM Hospital shown with a later addition to the original structure

The original building, home of Judge Malloch

was said to be one of the finest homes

in all of Eastern Ontario.

Judge Malloch named his home

Victoria Hall

The Dedication Ceremony in 1924

Since it’s grand opening in 1923, and its dedication in 1924, to the soldiers of the Great War, the hospital has provided comfort and care to those in the community who find themselves within its historic walls.

2 comments on “Great War Memorial Hospital

  1. Fran Mulligan says:

    What an amazing history. Very well researched

  2. earloflanark2209 says:

    Nice write up on the GWM Hospital . My mother trained there , and became a RN in 1934 . Sadly the nurse’s residence was demolished many years ago ( a beautiful stone building ) . The GWM Hospital is a great memorial to all those who served in WW 1 . ” Their Name Liveth For Ever More ” .

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