Lanark County Teachers 1896

Who were they? Who were the men and women who taught at Lanark County’s one-room school-houses in 1896? These schools had no running water, most had outhouses, and it was the teacher’s job to make sure that the wood stove kept burning throughout the day. Travelling by horse and buggy in the heat of summer and through winter storms, they braved it all to be there in the classroom, teaching our ancestors…

Bathurst Township

Beckwith Township

North Burgess

Dalhousie Township

Darling Township

Drummond Township

Elmsley North

Lanark Township

Lavant Township

Montague Township


Ramsay Township

South Sherbrooke

North Sherbrooke

Lanark County

Before & After


Maps of Lanark County – from Ontario Genweb (Rootsweb)

Thank-you to all those who taught our ancestors

in Lanark County’s one-room schools.

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