Families and Memories of North Sherbrooke

Families mentioned:

Bain, Balfour, Barber, Barnes, Bowes, Brownlee, Budd, Cameron, Caldwell, Campbell, Clement, Crawford, Davies, Dowdall, Duncan, Dunlop, Ferguson, Geddes, Gilbert, Gordon, Greer, Izatt, Kennedy, Love, McAlpine, McAulay, McDonald, McDougall, McFarlane, McIntyre, McIlquham, McLaren, McVean, Millar, Miller, Munro, Nisbet, Paul, Pitcher, Sergeant, Smith, Stewart, Weir, Wilson.

The map below shows the historical townships, including North Sherbrooke:

(no author was listed in the ‘Good Old Days’ article)

“The Perth Courier” May 1, 1975

Annie (Geary) Miller 1903

“The Perth Courier” Oct. 9, 1903 p. 8

Elphin News

Elphin School – 1910

photo: from the collection of Charles Dobie

back row: L to R: Sherman Gordon, Robert Geddes, John Balfour, George Gordon, Mannie Gilbert, Mabel Dunlop, Iva Duncan, Laura McIntyre, and the teacher: Annie C. McIntyre 
front row: L to R: Tom Balfour, Lindsay Duncan, Gerald Gordon, Dorothy Duncan, Margaret Gilbert, UNKNOWN, Agnes Duncan, Janet Duncan, Ruby Campbell, Agnes Balfour, Margaret Balfour

Mr. Joseph Sergeant

“The Perth Courier”, July 18, 1930, p.4

History of the First Baptist Church in the Perth Area

“The Perth Courier”, Nov. 4, 1932, p.3

North Sherbrooke v.s. McDonald’s Corners – 1934

“The Perth Courier”, Sept. 21, 1934, p.4

Robert Ferguson’s Chain Saw Business

“The Perth Courier” Jan 14 1960 p.10

Elphin Church Candlelight Service – 1975

“The Perth Courier” Jan. 16 1975 p.16

Crawford’s Cemetery

Memorial Service

“The Perth Courier” Aug 7 1975 p.11

Robert J. Balfour 1897-1976

Kathy Brownlee Ordained at Elphin – 1976

“The Perth Courier” June 3, 1976 p.16

“The Perth Courier” June 3, 1976 p.16

Miller Anniversary – 1976

“The Perth Courier”. July 1. 1976, p.11

Elphin Music Festival

Elphin calls itself the “funkiest little village in Lanark County”, and has been the home to an annual music festival. Some of the popular bands who have played there are: Jenny Whiteley, Still Winter Hills, Claudia, Krisi Allen Band, Fiona Noakes Band, Ben and Me, and Stormin’ Norman and the Stray Dogs and Sonic Roots, Jim Bryson, Sheesham and Lotus, Leavin’ Train, Chris Brown, Melwood Cutlery, Luther Wright and the Wrongs, Kyra and Tully, Emily Fennel, Dan Whiteley, Joey Wright, and Butterfingers.

Photo of Elphin Fest 2010 – by Charlie Dobie


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