Crystal Palace Along the Tay

Arlene Crystal Palace 2017

Many come to Perth for the pretty shops and tempting boutiques that line busy Gore Street.  Some visit to gaze in awe at the old limestone buildings, and to travel back in time, to walk among these historic architectural treasures, dating back to the earliest settlers.

There are people who drive for miles from distant cities, to pick up a bottle or two of maple syrup, the liquid gold that helped to make the town a popular tourist destination.  Along with all of these visitors, are those who come, some from nearby, and many from out of town, who seek the unique, the one-of-a-kind, something hand-crafted, and made with old-fashioned care, and these folks come to the Crystal Palace.

A quick photo-tour follows, showcasing some of the highlights of our day, and the incredible variety of the items available at this unique venue.

Vendors inside at Crystal Palace

Tie-Dye is back!  It was a colourful trend in the 1960s and 1970s, and has made a come-back.  This vendor had a steady stream of customers, admiring these unique creations.

Tie Dye at Crystal Palace

If you enjoy adding farm-fresh vegetables to your table, then the Farmer’s Market at the Crystal Palace is the place to be on a Saturday morning in Perth.

outdoor vendor 1

Mustard, fresh Garlic, Honey, and the ever-popular home-grown Maple products are fresh from the local farms.

outdoor vendor 3

outdoor vendor 2

With so many tasty selections, inside and out, and so many lovely hand-crafted pieces it’s difficult to decide!

Once you’ve chosen your treasures and treats, before you head home, spend a few moments strolling along the tranquil Tay River, and take in the peaceful beauty of this pretty spot.

Along the Tay at the Crystal Palace

Many thanks to the good folks at the Farmer’s Market at the Crystal Palace for hosting us today, and for those who stopped by to say ‘Hello’, and chat about some of the local history.

Until next time!


2 comments on “Crystal Palace Along the Tay

  1. Jackie Wharton says:

    What a great photo, Arlene. That’s a great colour on you. Your table is nicely arranged. I hope you got some good sales.

    The Tie-dye table was certainly colourful. The maple syrup table looks yummy.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Roger Stafford says:

    Looks like you have a nice display and the weather cooperated. Hope you had a great day.
    Happy Turkey Day.
    Ruth arrived home last night.

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