Local History Comes to Life at the Book Launch for “Lanark County Connections”

The warm September weather last weekend brought residents and visitors alike to the historic streets of Perth, Ontario.  One of the liveliest spots on Saturday was The Book Nook, situated along picturesque Gore Street, as they hosted the launch of “Lanark County Connections: Memories Among the Maples”.

LCC book launch purple coat and ArleneLCC book launch Arlene & Leslie

Leslie Wallack, owner of The Book Nook, displayed stacks of all five books including “Lanark County Kid”, “Lanark County Calendar”, “Lanark County Chronicle” and “Recipes & Recollections”. They were artfully arranged on a rustic table, the perfect place to chat, and have the book personalized, or signed as a special gift for friends or family, in the upcoming holiday season.

LCC book launch visitors from Toronto # 2LCC book launch Shirley's grandaughter

Book lovers and well-wishers came from near and far, to be among the first to read the latest release “Lanark County Connections”. Chapter 1 begins with the story of Antler Lodge, an old-style dancehall. Beloved in its hey-day, it was known as ‘the place to go’ to hear some of the best country music in the Ottawa Valley.

LCC book launch Diana Sawyer Margery ArleneLCC book launch Ute and Arlene

In another story, the reader is introduced to the wealthy Stewart family of Perth, and learns of a scandal involving the much-publicized court battle to determine the rightful heirs to the McLaren Distillery fortune.   In the chapter featuring Matheson House, now the Perth Museum, readers share in a ghostly encounter with a restless spirit, set in the lush gardens of this historic property.

LCC book launch Helen Don Arlene seatedLCC book launch Kevin Bower Arlene Fran

In one of the more light-hearted tales, the author takes the reader on a laid-back bus tour, set in the 1970s, as it weaves its way through Drummond, Ramsay, Darling, and Dalhousie townships, on Lanark County’s back roads, meeting some delightful local characters, and visiting some lesser-known scenic gems.

LCC book launch Arlene at tableLCC book launch Arlene & Tracy

Readers are encouraged to scan through the index at the back of “Lanark County Connections” to see if they recognize any of the local names featured.

LCC book launch Peter and familyLCC book launch Arlene & Kevin

Special thanks to those who travelled considerable distances to attend the book launch; the new faces and the more familiar faces as well, and to all who made the event such a great success!

LCC book launch visitor from radio broadcase


2 comments on “Local History Comes to Life at the Book Launch for “Lanark County Connections”

  1. Jackie says:

    Arlene, looks like you had a great turn out for your book launch. congrats.

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