New Book Coming in February 2013

LCC Cover 001

Following on the heels of “Lanark County Kid”, Stafford-Wilson beckons you back once again to the family farm on the Third Line of Bathurst Township in the 1960s and 1970s. She invites you to come along on her adventures in Perth, Almonte, Smiths Falls, and the Rideau Lakes to name a few. Spend the day with her at the Maberly Fair or come along for an evening in Newboro. Join the cattle drive through Ferguson Falls and stay up all night at the movies in Port Elmsley. Travel back with her to a simpler, more innocent time, observe life through the eyes of a rural kid and relive the days gone by in Eastern Ontario.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Stranded on Christie Lake

Chapter 2 Taffy on the Tay

Chapter 3 Seeing Double in Maberly

Chapter 4 Sweet Sensation in Smiths Falls

Chapter 5 Almonte: Milestones on the Mississippi

Chapter 6 The Cattle Drives of Ferguson Falls

Chapter 7 Rockin’ Night in Newboro

Chapter 8 Dusk ‘Til Dawn in Port Elmsley

Chapter 9 Revelry and Rogues on the Rideau

Chapter 10 Ghosts and Gastronomy in Perth

One comment on “New Book Coming in February 2013

  1. tom says:

    sounds like you are covering a big piece of the Ottawa valley ,,now all you need is that lanark Con dialect ,that is recognisable all over Canada ,,,,,Ah Tom

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