LCGS and Archives Lanark – Start Your Family Tree Today!



“In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage –

 to know who we are and where we came from.

Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning.

No matter what our attainments in life, there is still a vacuum,

 an emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness.”

                                                                                                 – Alex Haley, author of ‘Roots’


Did any of your ancestors live in Lanark County?

Have you ever thought that you might like to find out more about them? – Where did they come from?  Why did they come to Canada? Where did they settle? What was their occupation?  Who were their children?

There are a couple of great resources to help you get started.

The first place to begin is with the Lanark County Genealogical Society or LCGS.  Formed in the 1980s, this organization has been made up of knowledgeable volunteers who will encourage and assist you in finding out about your Lanark County roots.  They are extremely helpful in steering people in the right direction and in letting them know the types of resources available and the best techniques for beginning your research.

To contact them and begin the search for your family history:   Lanark County Genealogical Society

Another valuable resource to help with your family history is The Lanark Archives.

The Lanark Archives is a great place to begin your research because they have the original land records for Lanark County.   Their records go back to the original land grants that were given to the early settlers and include things like original deeds and documents showing each time the land is transferred from one owner to another.

The Lanark Archives also has detailed records of most of the cemeteries in the county and these are indexed by surname at the back of the book so you can easily find your ancestor’s name.  There are also local newspapers on microfilm, a rich source of birth, marriage and death announcements to help you fill in the gaps of your tree.

Their collection of census records, dating back as early as 1817, provides a wealth of information for family historians. In addition to these valuable resources you’ll find many local publications and history books and helpful documents. There are frequent additions being made to the collection, so there are always new and useful records being added to assist people working on their family trees.

There are volunteers that work at the Lanark Archives to help you get started with your research.  They are located at 1920 Concession 7 Road, Drummond Centre, Perth, Ontario K7H 3K4.  From October to May they are open   1st & 3rd Friday of the month and 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month from 10am to 3pm.  From June to October they are open every Friday and Saturday from 10am – 3pm.

If you live at a distance and are not able to visit the Lanark Archives there are volunteers who will assist you with your research.  Visit their website to learn more: Archives Lanark

Good luck with your search!



2 comments on “LCGS and Archives Lanark – Start Your Family Tree Today!

  1. carolyn pinder says:

    Hello my name is Carolyn Pinder. I am researching the Dewitt family name. I know the Dewitts had had homestead in Lennox Ontario County but is unclear if they had in Lanark. The ones of interest is Every Dewitt and his son Jacob both are approved with the Loyalist status through the United Empire Loyalist

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