June 30, 1986

June 30, 1986

When I think of how quickly the years rush by I recall the long summer days, sitting on the grassy knoll near the railroad tracks back the side road. I would watch the freight trains surge past me, each car whooshing by in such a blur that I barely had a chance to read the words painted on the side. This is how quickly the past twenty-six years have come and gone. Years were like minutes and the days like seconds. A soft, tiny, bundle wrapped in flannelet, now a strong man with kind eyes towering over me. Happy Birthday Alex.

2 comments on “June 30, 1986

  1. Jackie says:

    A great photo of little Alexander and his Mom. My how the time flies by. Sam was remembering the times he walked back to the tracks with little Al and told him some weird tales about those little metal buildings along the tracks. I hope his birthday party was fun for all.

    • The years and the seasons rush by faster each year it seems. Mother, then in her eighties,once commented that the years passed by so quickly at that point for her that it seemed to be about four months between Christmases.

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