SS 4 Bathurst – The 1959 Baseball Champions!

Those two good-looking girls in the center of the back row look innocent enough, but don’t get too complacent boys! These girls sure know how to swing a bat!  What a team!  S.S.4 Bathurst school in DeWitt’s Corners, under the sharp coaching of Mrs. Mary Jordan beat team after team that year and went on to reign as the area baseball champions. Look out!  If these kids showed up at your school you didn’t stand a chance.  The Baseball Champions of 1959: Front row from the left:  Joe Mitchell, Paul Cavanagh, Middle row: Dennis Marks, Wayne Conboy, Norman Kerr, Bobby Brown, Donny Conboy.  Back row:  Bob Kerr, Mrs. Mary Jordan, the teacher, Judy Stafford, Jackie Stafford, Ann Staples, Larry Kerr and John Scott.    Let’s hear it for S.S. 4  Bathurst!  Go team go!

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