2 comments on “Introducing “Lanark County Kid” on Facebook

  1. Aseanath says:

    HI Arlene,
    As the facilitator of a genealogy group at the Lethbridge Senior Centre I try to stress the importance of the ” historical stories” of each family. I am constantly looking for new searchable sites and data bases, Your stories are exactly the point I have been striving to get across. Thank you

    • Hello, it’s so nice to hear from a Lethbridge genealogist! My parents met at the No. 8 Bombing and Gunnery School at the Lethbridge Air Force Base in 1943 and were married there by an Air Force Chaplain later that same year, before Dad was shipped out to England.

      My Dad was a farm boy from Lanark County, Ontario, where they moved following the end of the war, and Mother was a city girl from Edmonton. I have recorded their stories in my first book “Recipes & Recollections, Treats and Tales from our Mother’s Kitchen”. Our late Mother was a prize-winning baker and later a judge at locals fairs. We five children, born during and following WWII, assembled her recipes, and stories of our lives growing up on our small farm in Eastern Ontario.

      I applaud your work in encouraging your members to record their family stories! Many people don’t realize how important their stories will be to the generations that follow, and what a treasure and legacy they will be leaving behind – certainly more valued than material possessions! Thank-you for your comment and I wish you and your genealogy group the best of luck in your research! Arlene

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